The following information summarizes the information we have & will help you get to know Patricia better to hopefully trigger a memory or possible sighting of her.

Classification:      Endangered Missing Adult
Date of Birth:     August 18, 1958
Missing Since:     February 13, 2001
From City/State:     Bogota, New Jersey in Bergen County, USA.   
Age at Time of

                  Gender:    Female
Race:    White Caucasian
Complexion:    Fair
Height:   5' 2"
Weight:   125 lbs
Hair:   Brown, thinning in front.  This concerned Pat.  Click here to see photo.
Eyes:  Brown
    Ears pierced once but probably not wearing earrings.  Patricia has at least
                                   3 birthmarks on front right side of neck. 
                                   Click here to see photo of the birthmarks.
                Clothing:   Green or gray long sleeved sport shirt, jeans, white athletic shoes, black

                                   cloth winter jacket.  Click the following links to see a similar style jacket
except with a blue background.  (Front View, Back View)
Jewelry:   14 karat gold wedding band, engagement ring with 1 karat round stone

                                   worn on her left ring finger.  Click here to see similar rings.
 of Disappearance:    
Unknown. Patricia was last seen 2/13/01 at the Bixby School Library in

Bogota and by the Palisade Avenue crossing guard as she walked home at
11:35 AM.  Patricia arrived home and after speaking to her mom, we feel she left the house again at approximately 1-2:30 PM setting her alarm as she left.  Personal items, purse, keys, ID, cell phone and medication, Dilantin & Phenobarbital, for her seizure disorder, were all left behind.  She may have had a seizure leaving her disoriented and with amnesia.

Age Progression to
                     Age 50: 
Click here to review and download the Age Progression sketch.

     Bogota Police Department
                 Contact:     Sgt. James Lemakos
Phone:      (201) 487-2400
                   Case #:
NCIC #:    M341353827

Web site:
Flyer:       Click here to review and download and print a Flyer from above site.


Patricia's Personal Interests/Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes

                                   - Pat has always enjoyed our family vacations - previous vacations/day

                                   trips include:

                                     Walt Disney World, FL; Hershey Park, PA; Seaside Heights, NJ:
                                     Timeshare at Shawnee in the Poconos, PA; The Meadowlands Fair, NJ
                                     Bushkill Gardens, VA; Point Pleasant, NJ; Long Beach Island, NJ,

Atlantic City, NJ; Circle Line, NY, NY - Special interest in the fastest, scariest roller coasters and rides. 

- Visiting Parks/Walks - Especially Van Saun Park in Paramus, NJ (Zoo and Train ride), parks in Seaside Heights, walking the boardwalks in Seaside Heights, NJ; Seaside Park, NJ and Point Pleasant, NJ.

- Entertaining friends during weekend Pool Parties at our home.

- Loves games of pool volleyball with beach balls.

-  Loved hosting Thanksgiving at our home with friends and family.

-  Enjoyed school activities such as volunteering in the school library and involvement in various school committees and projects.

- Den Mom to Michael’s scout troop.

-  Listening to 50's music and going to see oldies bands such as the Brooklyn Bridge.

-  Singing karaoke to old records and CDs at home with our friends.  Click the following two links to see Pat singing. 
Pat singing alone.

Pat singing with her girlfriend, Toinette
-  Enjoys going out to dinner, especially on special occasions like
our anniversary, 8/30, and Valentines Day.

-  Pat's favorite perfume is Giorgio.

-  Some of Pat's favorite foods are shrimp, eggplant and all types of salads and cheese & crackers.

-  Pat loves dancing and getting her nails done at the nearby Star Nails.

-  Pat loves her coffee.

-  Pat is a conservative dresser and you would never catch her in a two
   piece bikini. 

-  Pat dislikes exercise, except for going on walks with her family, but

  never goes alone.

-  Pat loves to go shopping.

-  Patricia loves to drive even though she was not driving at the time of her

Background & Family Information

-  Patricia, an only child, was born in Jersey City, NJ and moved to Bogota when she was 5 years old in 1963.

-  Pat's dad, John Marri, passed away in the early 1980s after a long 13 year bout with Alzheimer's disease.  He was at Greystone Memorial Park when he passed away.

- Patricia has a business background and is a 1977 graduate of Taylor Business Institute and if she got past the hurdle of obtaining her medication and is possibly working, it may be as a secretary or more likely as a receptionist due to her weak computer skills.

Medical History

- Around age 12, after an accident Pat developed Epilepsy, a seizure disorder.

- The seizures were mostly under control using two medications, Dilantin 400 mg daily and Phenobarbital 150 mg daily.  At the time of Patricia’s disappearance, her seizures were getting more frequent.  She had gran mal major seizures in each of the prior three spring seasons (1998, 1999 and in 2000).  Pat even had a second seizure on November 5, 2000, just 3 ˝ months before she disappeared.  She was not driving at the time of her disappearance due to the November seizure.  She was depressed about not being able to drive.

- Pat was concerned she might be getting the start of Alzheimers as she was forgetting everyday things.  We did not think much of it because it happens to everyone. 


Patricia Marri - Maiden name
Pat Marri - Maiden name
Patty Marri - Maiden name
Patricia Marie Marri - Maiden name
Pat Marie Marri - Maiden name
Patty Marie Marri - Maiden name
Patricia Viola
Pat Viola
Patty Viola
Patricia Marie Viola
Pat Marie Viola
Patty Marie Viola