Patricia Viola Age Progression to Age 50,  longer hair, thinning bangs, note 3 birthmarks on right side of neck.  By Diana P. Trepkov.Patricia Viola Age Progression to Age 50, sparkling eyes, note 3 birthmarks on right side of neck.  By Diana P. Trepkov.Patricia Viola Age Progression to Age 50, note 3 birthmarks on right side of neck. By Diana P. Trepkov.Patricia Viola Age Progression to Age 50, close up, note 3 birthmarks on right side of neck.  By Diana P. Trepkov.Patricia Viola Age Progression to Age 50, note 3 birthmarks on right side of neck, contrast added.  By Diana P. Trepkov.Patricia Viola Age Progression to Age 50, note 3 birthmarks on right side of neck, sparkling eyes, close up.  By Diana P. Trepkov.
YouTube Balloon Release/Valentine's
Video by Viola family (Feb. 2008)
(Video courtesy Brendalee)
Check out Jim's YouTube
Channel of Videos of Pat.

Click to Enlarge
Age Progression to Age 50
(By Forensic Artist Diana P. Trepkov)
(E-mail Diana)
(Additional Sketches
shown below)
Jim Viola, "It's the only pen I use at the office."
Please take a few minutes of your time to view these short video clips of my Pat.  Thanks.
Patricia Marie Viola
Help Repair my Broken HeartHelp Repair my Broken Heart
Help Repair my Broken HeartHelp Repair my Broken HeartHelp Repair my Broken Heart
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Full Story & Latest News(updated 6/12/12)
Family Awaits Any News About
Bogota, New Jersey Mother
Missing over 11 Years

The waiting continues for Jim Viola, his two children, Christine and Michael, and family members for some word or clue concerning the mysterious February 13, 2001 disappearance of Patricia (Pat) Marie Viola (maiden name: Patricia Marri), then 42,.a doting, caring, vibrant, beautiful young wife and mom. Pat, now a grandmother, needs to meet her grandchildren who ask about her all the time.

The Viola family received a major shot in the arm when Monica Caison, the Founder of CUE Center for Missing Persons announced that Patricia will be the 2010  Tour Honoree.  Patricia's husband, Jim, who designed the Tour DVD f in 2004 will now he will have an opportunity to showcase his wife's story.  A large rally was held on Aug. 21, 2010 in front of Patricia'a home in Bogota.

Pat's story continues to be covered on America's Most Wanted in the My Story section. Patricia's story can be found by following the link:
The story will remain there indefinitely.  The story was covered by News 12 New JerseyPatricia's story appeared on America's Most Wanted 's nationally broadcasted TV program on July 18, 2009 on their My Story segment. 

On the morning of Tuesday, February 13, 2001, Pat set the house alarm at about 8:38 AM and went to volunteer at our son, Michael's Bixby Elementary School Library.  Although she seemed quieter that usual that day, Pat's co-volunteers at the library did not suspect anything might be wrong.  After an uneventful 3 hour stint at the library, Pat left wth her friends at about 11:30AM to come home.  We know she arrived home safe because she returned a call from her mom at about 12:30 PM.  Her mom had left Pat a message on the answering machine asking if a everything was OK.  Apparently, in Pat's haste to leave that morning, the door must have been partially open, causing the alarm to trip when she left.  According to Pat's mom, when she asked Pat about the alarm, Pat acted as if she was aware of the alarm and said that everything was fine.  Otherwise, per her mom, the rest of the conversation was normal.  Pat's mom was the last person to speak to Pat.

The police had responded to the alarm and reported that the house was secure.  This has happen before so we were not overly concerned about it.

Patricia is described as a white caucasian, dob 8/18/58, fair complexion, approximately 5' 2", 125 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes.  She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a long sleeve sport shirt, sneakers and a black cloth winter jacket.   She has three birthmarks on the front right portion of her neck.  Any information should be called into the Bogota Police Department at (201) 487-2400.

Patricia has a seizure disorder called Epilepsy which is controlled with two different medication, Dilantin, 200 mg, taken twice daily for a total of 400 mg/daily and Phenobarbitol, 30 mg, taken 5x daily (60 mg in the morning and 90 mg in the evening) for a total of 150 mg/daily.  The prescription was being handled through the RiteAid chain of drug stores.  Pat DOES NOT have her medication with her and it has not been refilled at any of the National RiteAID stores using the current prescription.  

In fact, to the best of our knowledge, Pat does not have her identification (ID), her credit cards, her keys or any of her personal effects with her.  She may have had some cash on her.

If Pat had taken a seizure, she could have become disoriented and/or exhibited memory loss.  She could be in a hospital, shelter or other refuge center being unknowingly cared for.

Numerous hospitals, shelters, and crisis centers were visited and had flyers sent to.  A letter was writen to Pat and inserted into an envelope with her name, photo and description on it.  These were brought to shelters in the area with instructions to deliver it to Pat or a person matching her description. No calls ever came in.

Pat would have been on foot that day since she was not driving at the time. There was not even a car available to her that day. 

Based on the  residence security system log, there was a RESET done on the control panel from inside the house at 1:11PM on the afternoon of 2/13/01.  The RESET would be required prior to re-arming the alarm following a previous alarm trigger.  The house alarm was set when her husband, Jim, arrived home, so Pat did do the RESET at 1:11 PM from inside the house and set it again sometime between 1:11PM and when Jim Arrived home around 4:30PM.  We could then assume, she went out again between 1:11PM and 4:00 PM.

Upon leaving our home, Pat either went up the hill, down the hill or into a waiting car or taxi or got a ride with someone. Most of the neighbors had been queried and nobody claimed to have seen anything unusual. Going up the hill would lead to bus stops and access to Route 80 west.  In the days following Pat's disappearance, all the buses on Palisade Ave. were stopped for hours.  The different drivers and passengers were questioned and shown photos of Pat.  Cars on Palisade Ave were stopped as well.

Taxi companies were called to no avail. 

We are continuing to search for clues and explore any possibility.  Nothing seems to make sense yet.  If you would like to assist in the search, download a MISSING flyer.

The word definitely is out there about Pat, as least locally.  Color flyers have been sent to every police station in 16 out of New Jersey's 21 counties, about 600-700 mailings.  This web site has had over  80,000 hits since its inception from as far away as Australia.  Hundreds of mailings have been sent to shelters, crisis centers and hospitals.  Over 12,000 Video CDs & DVDs which I created of Patricia have been circulated locally, to law enforcement, to relatives, to the media and to our growing network of friends and support groups across the country.  As then Bogota Captain James Sepp put it, "we are not getting anything".   We are continuing to push on and document our efforts like this web site is doing.  We need people like yourselves to help us brainstorm for new ideas and to keep your eyes open for Pat.  We still feel the right person has not seen Pat yet.  To this end we are pushing for as much TV, radio, newspaper and internet coverage as we can get.  Refer to the Updates page for details on the ongoing coverage. 

New Jersey Congressman Steve Rothman is even involved.  The March 12, 2002 Press Conference he helped to organize attracted a lot of media coverage.  Congressman Rothman has added Pat's photo and description to his quarterly news letter, to his mailing envelopes and to his web site.

The family is still trying to get on others shows like Unsolved Mysteries.  Hundreds of letters were written to these shows on our behalf by our family, friends, fellow parishioners and neighbors.  Pat's tragic story did get to the advanced approval stage on Unsolved Mysteries before being knocked down.  Unsolved Mysteries did not give a reason for the denial but the person who presented the story to management plans on trying again. 

Letters have also been resent to Dateline, 48 Hours, the Today Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, Nancy Grace, CNN, Larry King Live and numerous other shows trying to spread the word and get them to air the story.  These shows have not responded to us yet.

Patricia's story is also documented on several national and worldwide internet sites and organizations.  See Additional Web Links for these sites.

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If you have any information that might help us find Patricia, please click the icon below and contact us at the telephone numbers.  Right click on the above banner to download for your website or print it out and display it it where it makes sense.  Thank you.  An update to the below list is in process.  Call tips into Detective Geoffrey Cole or Captain James Sepp at 201-487-2400.

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The Day Pat Vanished.
VIDEO by husband, Jim. Must See.
Click Here For Latest News on Patricia
(updated 6/12/12)

Latest News on Patricia
(Scroll down for more news)
June 1, 2005 - Thanks to the organization, Child Seek Network, the June 2005 Child Seek Network Newsletter featured an interview with Patricia's husband, Jim.  Our friend, Audrey Herron is also featured.   
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September 7, 2005 - My good friend, Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski, President and Founder, Project Jason,, put together an excellent article (blog) to help increase to awareness to
Patricia's disappearance and for many other missing persons.  Thank you Kelly.

The direct link to Patricia's story is:
Please read and pass the link along.
Patricia's Profile, 1986
Jan. 7, 2006 - MISSING Show - Show # M-371 - Hosted by Mr. Alex Paen
Patricia was featured for about a minute with several other missing adults and children on the Jan. 7, 2006 "Missing" show, telecast on WCBS2 in the NYC Metro area. Pat's clip continues to be cycled every few months.

Be sure to check their web site, for upcoming shows.  Please contact your local stations and ask them to add Missing to their programming if it is not carried.  Also in many areas, the shows airs in the middle of the night.  Please request better air times.

Watch Missing Video (Windows Media Player - 1 min, 17 sec. 2.2 MB)
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Feb. 13, 2006 - Prayer Service Held for Patricia

With the help of the Saint Joseph's RCC Youth/Adult Mininistry, Patricia's daughter, Christine, took the lead in organizing a Prayer Vigil for her mom, Patricia, on Feb. 13, 2006. 

This service marked 5 years that Patricia has been missing from our lives. 

Watch New Jersey12 News Video Coverage of the Prayer Service (3.5 minutes, 5.5MB)

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March 24-26, 2006 - Community United Effort (CUE) Center for Missing Persons Conference 2006 and 11th Annual National Candle Light Vigil - Wilmington, NC

Jim, Christine and Michael all attended this weekend Conference attended by over 100 members of organizations and familes of missing loved ones from 19 states. The focus was on Training, a Round Table Discussion and the Candlelight Vigil in Riverfront Park on Saturday Night.

The training was excellent and useful but I loved meeting so many families whom I had spoken to over the phone or e-mailed over the years.  So many bonds were made as we shared this common tragedy.  I now feel I have an extended family with many of these families.  Monica Caison, President and Founder of CUE and her team of volunteers were all so warm and caring toward all of us. 

See CUE's web site, for details. 

We were lucky enough to get local TV news coverage on WWAY News 3 which aired on Sunday, 3/25 at 6PM and 10 PM and on Monday 3/26 at 6:30 AM.

Click here to watch the WWAY News Channel 3 Video from Wilmington, NC.
April 1, 2006 - Safety and Information Day at the NYS Museum in Albany, NY

Jim and Michael attended this event and had a display table set up for Patricia Viola all day.  Pat's DVD was played all day on the 27" TV provided.  Many of Pat's DVDs, flyers, buttons, summary cards were distributed throughout the day as it was open to the public.

The Boulet Family (Rest in Peace Lorne) and the Lyall Family, who hosted the event, (Missing Daughter, Suzanne Lyall) as well as other safety organizations, including R.A.D. KidsNew York Missing Persons, and Operation SAFE CHILD set up displays.

Many other missing loved ones were also featured on these displays and flyers distributed..
April 2, 2006 - 5th Annual  New York State Missing Persons Day at the NYS Museum in Albany, NY - Organized and Hosted by Doug and Mary Lyall, Founders of The Center For Hope and Missing their daughter Suzanne Lyall.

Jim and Michael attended this event held just down the hall from the Saturday event.  and again had the display of Patricia up throughout the day. 

Jim served on a panel discussion team to comment on and discuss a typical missing person case with the group.  The excercise was very helpful in highlighting important steps that should be taken in all missing person cases.

Many of our Missing Loved Ones including Patricia were remembered in a very moving
afternoon session.

Click here to watch the Capital News 9 Video coverage of the event.

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June 16, 2006 - America's Most Wanted - My Story
Patricia's Story has been added to the AMW web site in the My Story Section.  It is in the June section and will remain there indefinitely.

  Click here to watch the News 12 New Jersey Video coverage.

June 10, 2006 - CUE's 2006 On The Road To Remember Tour - NorthEast Rally in CT
Jim and his son, Michael attended the Northeast Rally in CT, 1 of 30 Rally stops planned by Monica Caison of CUE Center for Missing Persons.  This years 3rd annual "On the Road to Remember" tour, designed to promote missing persons cases through the country.  Patricia was one of approximately 78 cases featured this year, most of which are graphically shown on a DVD designed and produced by Patricia's husband, Jim.  The CT rally promoted Patricia's story as well as a Billy Smolinski, who is missing from Waterbury, CT and several others from the area.

See photos: 1, 2, 3, & 4

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Article in Waterbury Local News - June 11, 2006
The Villages Sun Daily - Aug. 6, 2006 (Mainly written for Audrey Nerenberg, Pat is mentioned)
Aug. 26, 2006 - Attended the Riding for Audrey (Herron) 2006 event this year to benefit The Center For Hope.  All of Pat's information was on display to over 50 attendees.  Channel 13 and and The Daily Mail paper covered the story.

Read The Daily Mail Story - Aug 27, 2006 (Click on links within the PDF for more information including Videos)
Oct. 16, 2006 - Introduction (first reading) of  NJ Senate Bill S2255, also known as
"Patricia's Law"   Senator Weinberg (District 37) has sponsored new Missing Persons Legislature Jim Viola brought to them as part of Campaign for the Missing 2006-2007.   See Press Conference on Oct. 19, 2006 audio and video clips and photos below for more information.
Oct. 19, 2006 -  A Press Conference was held at 11 AM in front of Jim Viola's home to announce the Introduction of NJ Senate Bill S2255 ("Patricia's Law") on 10/16/06.

On hand for the Press Conference were Jim Viola, Sen. Loretta Weinberg (District 37 - Sponsor), Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri-Huttle, Mr. William Galda (First Assistant Prosecuter), Mr Rocco Mazza from Sen. Weinberg's office, Bermari Roig-Eichler (Sen. Weinberg's Legislative Director), Captain Michael Brophy (Bogota PD), Detective James Sepp (Bogota PD), Chief Frank Gurnaci (Bogota PD), Micheal Feeney (Bergen Record) with photographer.

Everyone had an opportunity to speak and there is a tremendous amount of excitment about "Patricia's Law".  

Sen. Weinberg commented that she "was proud that NJ was the first to retain sponsorship. She went on to say that they hope to pass Patricia's Law by the end of the year and maybe we can have the Governor return to this front lawn to sign it"

        Click here for a Video Clip of the Oct. 19, 2006 Press Conference
        (14.1MB - 10 min, 15 sec.)
        (Includes Jim's discussion of Patricia's Law and it's progress)

         Click here to hear an Audio Clip as Jim discusses the history of
         Patricia's Law and it's progress   (2MB - 4 min, 27 sec.)
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Read the text of NJ Senate Bill S2255  now known as "Patricia's Law".

Press Conference Photos -  1234567
                              (Scroll down for more information)

Oct. 25. 2006 - Bergen Record Coverage of the Oct. 19, 2006 Press Conference
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Oct. 23. 2006 - Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri-Huttle Sponsors an identical version of Patricia's
                          Law in the Assembly in the legislature and introduces it as Assembly Bill A3643 or
                          "Patricia's Law".
Oct. 30, 2006 - News12 New Jersey Video Coverage of "Patricia's Law"                                          (6.4 MB - 3 min., 51 sec.)
Nov. 1, 2006 - Bergen News Coverage of "Patricia's Law"                                        
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Nov. 16, 2006 - Patricia Viola was featured by all three bands as part of the Squeaky Wheel Tour at the Cherrywood Lounge in Clementon, NJ.   Numerous  flyers, buttons, mailing labels, DVDs and articles on Patricia were distributed helping to get the word on about about Patricia.

The tour made its NJ stop at Clementon’s Cherrywood Lounge  with performances by classic rockers the Essentials, alternate-grunge trio Downcaste, and glam/blues chanteuse Janet Bressler’s JANET EARTH.  A good time was had by who attended.  Thanks for stopping by.

A special thank you to Jannel Rap, missing her sister Gina Bos since Oct. 17, 2000, for organizing the entire Squeaky Wheel Tour which featured over 150 missing person.  Please take a moment to check out Gina Bos' web site,

Thanks also to Cherrywood Lounge, Marty and doorman, Bob, for helping to
distribute information on Patricia, even after we left.

Click here to see some photos from the event.
Feb. 9, 2007 - Recorded an interview with for The Week in Review on NY1 News/Time Warner Channel 10 (NJ) which aired on Sat. 2/10/07 and Sun. 2/11/07 a total of 6 times.   Click here watch to Video interview. (Approx. 7 min, 11.7 MB)

Feb. 13, 2007 - In case you missed it,  the full one hour audio interview that Pat's husband, Jim, had on "Missing Pieces" is now available.   Click the following link to listen as Jim provides the latest updates about Patricia's disappearance and the status of "Patricia's Law" in the NJ State Senate and Assembly.

Web link to Tune in:
(Turn up volume to hear Jim)

July 20, 2007 - Bogota Bulletin article.
Nov. 3, 2007 - Patricia Viola was featured by recording artist Kama Linden
at 8PM at the Darress Theatre in Boonton, NJ as part of the 2007 Squeaky Wheel Tour (scroll down to see the various events by state and country).  The Squeaky Wheel Tour is an internationally acclaimed concert series to raise awareness for those who go missing every year.  Jannel Rap, founder of the Squeaky Wheel Tour has intimate knowledge of the missing.  Her sister, Gina Bos, disappeared on Oct. 17, 2000.
Patricia's husband, Jim, their son, Michael, and friends were on hand to help distribute flyers, DVDs, buttons and articles about Patricia's mysterious Feb. 13, 2001 disappearance.   The show was also available on-line via the internet at

Special thanks go out to Kama for her professionalism and talent, to the show hosts, Carl Worner and Bob Mackay, for their support and to Darress Theatre owner, Tom, for his hospitality.

Click for photos: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Nov. 6 (8PM - CST) and Nov. 11 (6:30PM - CST), 2007 - Plural Entertainment has completed a new television program, "DESAPARECIDOS" (En Espanol), which aired on the dates shown on LAPTV in the southern and western part of the United States.  Each program inthe series will begin with a summary of an open missing person's case and Patricia's case was discussed on the dates shown.

Based on the case, the producers and writers have produced fictional segments based on the original facts of each case. The case is then discussed. 

Please e-mail me if you are interested in having a DVD of the full show mailed to you.   Plural did an excellent job in depicting the facts of Pat's story as well as incorporating the videos I provided.
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Jan. 18, 2008 - Bogota Bulletin, Ridgefield Park Patriot, Little Ferry Local, & Hackensack Chronicle - Coverage of the Passage and signing of "Patricia's Law" - model Missing Persons Legislation in NJ. 
March 19, 2008   The Bogota Municipal Building (Borough Hall) hosted the public
                             ceremonial signing of "Patricia's Law"; model missing persons
                             legislation by Governor Jon Corzine.
                             The actual signing took place in the Council Chambers.                                                      
                            News12 NJ Video 3/19/08   (Visit the "Patricia's Law" page for
                             more videos, including all the speeches)

                             Bergen Record Articles (PDF) - 3/19/08 and 3/20/08

                             Office of NJ Attorney General Launches new
                             DNA ID Program (PDF) - 3/19/08

                              Newark Star Ledger Article (PDF) - 3/19/08

                             Click here for photos on "Patricia's Law" page.                                     
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March 21, 2008   University of North Texas - Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI)                                 Top Story - Patricia's Law Signing  (PDF)                             
March 26, 2008   Bergen News coverage of Patricia's Law signing  (PDF)

                            Teaneck Suburbanite coverage of Patricia's Law signing (PDF)
                             (The same article also appeared in the Bogota Bulletin, Ridgefield
                             Park Patriot, Little Ferry Local, & Hackensack Chronicle)
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August 23, 2008   Patricia will be featured at the NJ Rally Stop on CUE Center for Missing Persons 5th Annual "On The Tour To Remember". 

Click here for the NJ CUE Tour Press Release.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

September 4, 2008 - The Catholic Spirit Article provides excellent coverage of the CUE Tour 2008 stop in Hackettstown, NJ.

February 13, 2009  - A Prayer Vigil, marking 8 years missing from our lives, with a theme of HOPE was organized by Patricia's daughter, Christine, and held on Feb. 13, 2009 at 6PM in the Cafeteria of Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Bogota, NJ. 

Bogota Bulletin Article, Feb. 20, 2009 (also appeared in Little Ferry, Hackensack, Ridgefield Park, Cliffside Park and Teaneck's local papers) (PDF)
Additional Age Progression Sketches - Select 1st photo, then toggle through others by clicking NEXT on upper right of each photo to review.  Call tips to Bogota Police 201-487-2400. 
If you know ANYTHING about my wife, Pat's disappearance, or where she is, we beg you to call Detective Geoffrey Cole or Captain James Sepp of the Bogota Police Department at (201) 487- 2400 or Detective Richard Fonde of the Bergen County Sherrif's Department of Missing Persons Bureau at (201) 646-2222.  Please call us if you know anything about Patricia.  Any tip or piece of information can be significant.
Click here to learn more about Patricia, including
photos of a similar jacket she had on and of her jewelry.

Thanks in advance for your continued support !  We will never stop looking for Pat and we need your help. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001, my Patricia vanished from our lives .   But where did she go and who did she speak to?   Did she met up with trouble or have a seizure as a result of her epilepsy?  Did she end up a hospital or similar facility around that time? Did she get into a car in front of our home in Bogota, NJ?  Was she picked up by a taxi or board a bus?  Remember, Pat did not have access to a car that day.  If someone gave Pat a ride that day, we would like to talk to you.  We have lot of questions, but still no answers. 

We know it was a long time ago and everyone's memory may be fading.  Let me give you some time sensitive reminders.   It was Feb. 13, 2001, the day before Valentines Day.  About three weeks earlier the New York Football Giants were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV.  President George W. Bush was recently inaugurated as our new President.   The news was reporting about the first analysis of the human genome and a United States Nuclear submarine collided with a Japanese fishing vesssel off the coast of Hawaii.  Please try to reconstruct where you were and what you were doing that day.  From what we know, it looks as if Pat left our Bogota residence between 1 PM and 4 PM on the afternoon of 2/13/01.  You may have seen Pat.  If so, PLEASE call the Bogota Police at 201-487-2400 immediately.  They (and we) are waiting to hear from you.  You may hold the answer to this mysterious tragedy.  The case is open and heating up again thanks to "Disappeared".  Thank you so much.

If you are in the medical field, you also may have seen or even taken care of Pat where you work.  Pat has a seizure disorder called epilepsy and takes Dilantin 400mg and Phenobarbitol 150mg daily to control those seizures.  She does NOT have her medication or any identification with her.   Pat may have had a seizure on the afternoon of 2/13/01 or the days following and required medical attention.  Amnesia is a side affect of having a seizure so she may not have known who she was.

Also, if you were a patron or worker in any of the New Jersey RiteAid stores on 2/13/01, you may be able to help us.  Pat was in the market for a Valentine's Day Gift, a "singing monkey in a cage", carried by RiteAid.  She may have asked you about it that day.  You may have referred her to another RiteAid store.  You may have a clue to what was on Pat's mind that day or where she was headed.  If so, please call Detective Geoffrey Cole, Detective Jonathan Misskerg or Captain James Sepp of the Bogota Police at (201) 487-2400 and tell them what you know.

If you know ANYTHING about Pat or even think you may have seen her that day on Tuesday, 2/13/01, PLEASE come forward.  The police tell me YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME.   We still need your help!  PLEASE...................

We will protect your identity, we promise. 
May 28, 2009  - News12NJ Video (6.3MB, 4 min, 28 sec) Coverage of Missing Child Alert proposed National legislation and how it would work in New Jersey with conjunction with "Patricia's Law", signed into NJ law in Jan. 2008.

Patricia was
featured on the My Story segment of the
America's Most
Wanted TV Show
on Sat. July 18, 2009.

July 18, 2009  - America's Most Wanted aired Patricia's story as part of their "My Story"
initiative for Missing Persons on the Fox network at 9 PM EST.   Follow the AMW link for the full story and video of the segment shown.

To submit an anonymous tip, text your tip to 274637 or CRIMES and include the word BergenTip or go to, select Bureau of Criminal Investigation, then Select "Submit an Anonymous Tip"
August  21, 2010  - Patricia is the Honoree on CUE Center's "On The Road To Remember" Missing Persons Tour 2010.  CUE has been taking these multi-day, multi-state tours since 2004 to increase the awareness about missing persons and unsolved homicide cases.  Numerous media stops were held, including the Grand Rally Stop in Bogota on August 21, 2010 in front of Patricia's Chestnut Ave home.  The Viola  family displayed flyers, buttons, articles, etc. available on Patricia,  copies of the CUE Tour DVD, speeches, a balloon release, child finger kit ID cards, safety (internet, travel,etc) information handouts, crime prevention and missing person literature. 

Press Release.

For more information on the CUE Tour, click here:
August  22, 2010  - Bergen Record/Herald News coverage CUE Center's "On The Road To Remember" Missing Persons Tour 2010 Rally for Patricia Viola.
August 18, 2010 - Bergen News (West Edition) -  Discusses upcoming CUE Center's " On The Road To Remember" Missing Persons Tour 2010 Rally for Patricia Viola.
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August  27, 2010  - Bogota Bulletin coverage CUE Center's "On The Road To Remember" Missing Persons Tour 2010 Rally for Patricia Viola.   Article also appeared in the local community papers in Ridgefield Park, Little Ferry and Cliffside Park.  It is scheduled for Hackensack next week and is pending publication in Teaneck, Northern Valley and Pascack Valley.
February 20, 2011 - Hudson Reporter Article - 10 Years Missing
April 10, 2011 - Times Union Article (PDF)
Write-up about the April 9, 2011 New York Missing Persons Day in Albany attended by Jim Viola as he continues to get the word out about his missing wife, Patricia Viola.

Be sure to check the various links in the article about Patricia and other missing persons.
Pat wearing the coat she vanished  in.
Happy 25th Anniversary Pat
(Thank You Brendalee & Toinette)

(Click Link Above)
Patricia's full story re-aired on the nationally shown show, Disappeared, on Sunday, 10/30/11 on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel at 7 PM EST and Saturday, 12/3/11, 10PM and Sunday, 12/4/11 at 1AM EST, 5AM ESTand 4PM EST. This one hour show will be the best opportunity to date to determine what happened to Patricia.  Watch for future airings.

A sneak preview is available at:

To locate the Investigation Discovery channel on your TV service, link the following link:

To access the Investigation Discovery Face book link and post comments go to:

Click here for additional information (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

OCT 24th, 2011 - DISAPPEARED (Watch for re-airings)

Patricia's full story aired on the nationally shown show, Disappeared, on OCT 24th, 2011 on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel at 10 PM EST.  The re-aired on Sunday, 10/30/11 at 7 PM EST, on Saturday, 12/13/11 at 10 PM EST and Sunday, 12/4/11 at 1 AM EST,
5 AM EST and 4 PM EST.  This one hour show will be the best opportunity to date to determine what happened to our dear, Patricia. 

Bergen Record Article, Oct. 24, 2011

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Patricia appeared on "Disappeared" on Sunday, 10/30/11 - 7 PM EST-