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These thirteen short Windows Media Player video clips speak volumes about how close we are as a family and about how incomprehensible this situation is.  The clips focus on what Pat feels is the most important aspect of her life, "her family".  The clips below were intentionally kept short so even users with dial-up connections can quickly download and watch these clips.  We recommend that you save these video clips to your hard drive for future viewing or forwarding to your friends.  We need your help in keeping Pat's image in the public's eye. 
The first two clips of Michael's birthday party on 1/23/01 are the most recent videos we have of Pat so these should be studied closely.  Note that Pat's hair was beginning to thin alittle in the front.  If at any point you think that you recognize Pat or feel you may have seen her, please immediately contact the Bogota Police Department at (201) 487-2400.
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Our son, Michael's 10th birthday party (Part I) Jan. 23, 2001 (10 seconds - 314 KB)
Our son, Michael's 10th birthday party (Part II) Jan. 23, 2001 (8 seconds - 297 KB)
Mom's 79th birthday party Jan 16, 2001 (7 seconds - 223 KB)
Pat and her best friend, Toinette, singing on July 4, 2000 (11 seconds - 352 KB)
Pat doing a solo on July 4, 2000 (5 seconds - 172 KB)
Pat and husband, Jim, celebrating Jim's birthday Feb. 2000 (6 seconds -206 KB)
Den Mom Pat for Michael's Boy Scout Troop Feb. 2000 (8 seconds - 237 KB)
Pat, in white, and her best friend, Toinette, singing on Aug 1998 (11 seconds - 347 KB)
Pat in the pool with our children, Christine and Michael June 1997 (9 seconds - 287 KB)
Pat with our daughter, Christine, on the train at Van Saun Park in Paramus, NJ May 1989 (12 seconds - 366 KB)
Our Wedding (Part I) Aug 30, 1986 (6 seconds - 182 KB)
Our Wedding (Part II) Aug 30, 1986 (6 seconds - 201 KB)
Our Wedding (Part III) Aug 30, 1986 (6 seconds - 192 KB)
(Thank for taking the time to watch the videos and in advance for any help you can provide)
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(Download the NY Missing Persons Day, 4/4/04 Video Capture Presentation)
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