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Audrey May Herron
Robert Spellman
Kristen Modafferi
Jason Jolkowki
Suzanne Lyall
Craig Frear
Arkadiy Tashman
Beverly Ulrich
Jason Franks
Kent Jacobs
Heather Teague
Brian Sullivan
Maura Murray
William (Billy) Smolinski, Jr.
Brianna Maitland
Sarah Kinslow
Leah Roberts
Rachel Cooke
Ruth Hoffman
Ashley Martinez
Mike Hogan
Allison-Jackson Foy
Jennifer Kesse
Jerry Tang
Kimberly Jacobs
Kim-Marie O'Connell
Clinton Nelson
Aaron Watkins

Audrey Lyn Nerenberg - DOB 9/24/1958, missing since July 15, 1977 from Brooklyn, New York
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{The Patricia Viola Web Site}

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Audrey Lyn Nerenberg, DOB 9/24/1958, missing since 7/15/1977 from Ryder Street in Brooklyn, New York.
WCBS Channel 2 News - 8/18/2003
(Approx. 2 minutes long - 3.2MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
New York Daily News Article - 8/18/2003
By Jose Martinez - Staff Writer 
(Adobe Acrobat format)
Audrey May Herron, DOB 10/4/1970, missing since 8/29/2002 after leaving her job at The Columbia Greene Long Term Health Care Facility in Jefferson Heights, New York.
The MW Show - with SB - 9/17/2003
(Approx. 4 1/2 minutes long - 7.9MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Beverly Ozuna-Ulrich, Age 42, missing since 10/17/2003.  Last seen in Bella Fourche, Spearfish, South Dakota area.
Kristen Modafferi, DOB 6/1/1979, missing since 6/23/1997.  Last seen leaving the Spinelli's Coffee Shop in San Francisco, California, USA.  If you have seen Kristen, please immediately contact the Oakland Police Dept.  (510) 238-3641 or call in Anonymous Tips toll-free (800)VANISHED.  
Please Help Bring Kristen Home
Click to enlarge image
Reader's Digest Article, December 2003 (Adobe Acrobat Format - Apologies to the Modafferi's for the poor quality of the images in the body of the article)
Supplement to Reader's Digest article.
Help us bring them home !
Jason Anthony Franks, DOB 1/19/1980, missing since 8/10/2001.  Jason was camping with friends north of Kalmath near Chiloquin, Oregon.  His friends report that they left Jason alone at the camp and upon returning, he was gone.  If you have seen Jason, please immediately contact the Alturas Police Department (530) 233-2011.  
Click here to view a Missing Poster for Jason.  Please print it out and post them in a legal and responsible manner. To download the poster to your computer, right click on the above link and select "Save Target As...".
Jason Jolkowski Jason, at 19 years of age disappeared on June 13, 2001.  Jason was last seen on foot in the area of 48th & Bedford, Omaha, NE. He goes by the name Jason or J.J. He is 6' 1" & 165 lbs. He was wearing a blue Cubs hat & a white Cubs or Sammy Sosa t-shirt, black pants & black dress shoes. This occurred at approximately 10:45 AM.  All present tips have been exhausted and the family is counting on the public to come forward with new tips. If you have any information, please call the Omaha Crimestoppers at 402-444-STOP or 402-444-5657. Case# 85214-T.

Click here to hear Jason's voice.
Click here to download a printable poster of Jason.
Suzanne Gloria Lyall, DOB 4/6/1978, missing since 3/2/1998.  Suzanne was 19 when she was last seen getting off the bus at Collins Circle on the Albany SUNY Campus at about 9:35 PM.  Suzanne was returning from her job at Babbages, a Software Company, in the Crossgates Mall.  If you have seen Suzanne, please immediately contact the New York State Police at (800) 920-4150.  Reward available.

Please click here to download and watch a Windows Media Player VIDEO CLIP of Suzanne.
(Approximately 3 minutes long - 4.8MB)

Craig A. Frear, DOB 10/14/1986, was last seen at approximately 2 PM on June 27, 2004. Craig,17, was last seen walking into the woods near the Cambridge Manor Apartments in Scotia, New York.  He was wearing a short sleeved white t-shirt, blue jeans and white Adidas sneakers with three black stripes. He may now have a goatee.  If you have seen Craig or have any information, please immediately contact the Scotia Village Police Department at (518) 384-2244 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) toll-free at 800-843-5678.
NCIC # M254205825 
Capital News 9 story containing a link 
to a Video.
Team Amber Alert Link
1000 Candles for Audrey

1000 days of missing you
1000 fears
1000 days without your smile & laughter
1000 days of darkness 
1000 tears 
1000 prayers unanswered...
"On May 20, 2005 it was 1000 days since Audrey disappeared.   Many of you  helped Audrey's family in lighting over 2000 candles for Audrey that were placed near her remembrance bench & lit as a symbol that we have not forgotten each day that has passed without her in our lives.  It was our hope that we can light 1000 candles, one for each day that Audrey has been missing." 
Created by Christie;
The MW Show -11/29/2004
(Approx. 6 1/2 minutes long - 10.7MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Kent Jacobs, DOB March 16, 1960, missing since Sunday March 10, 2002, from the Colonial Heights section of Hope Mills, NC.  Kent's mother woke up on this Sunday morning and got dressed for church as she always does. Kent woke up and walked into the kitchen and peeked at his Mother in the den. 

That was the last time she saw him.

Wearing a Harley-Davidson sweatshirt, blue jeans and black Reebok sneakers.  Kent left to visit his childhood neighborhood approximately two miles away as he had for the past twenty-five years. 

Sadly, the neighborhood of Kent's childhood is dramatically different today. It is filled with unsavory characters. 

Kent would not have the intellectual capacity to initially sense danger. He had approximately $200.00 on his person.

He was last seen at 5:00 PM that Sunday. He did not meet his 5:00-6:00 PM curfew. His mother contacted authorities after speaking with her daughter in Seattle. Her daughter (Kent's younger sister) knew that something was terribly wrong!  Her brother had a routine and that routine was disrupted. He had never been late for curfew. 

The authorities have been searching for Kent, but continue to hit dead ends. He disappeared only a few yards from Interstate 95, which is a major interstate that stretches from New York to Florida.

If you see Kent or have any information please immediately contact the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at (910) 323-1500 or CRIMESTOPPERS at (910) 483-TIPS.
Harley sweatshirt similar to the one Kent was wearing when he vanished.
Click here to download Poster.
Video of Kent Jacobs
(Approx. 6 1/2 minutes long - 9.4MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
APR/MAY 05 Iron Horse Magazine
Article Featuring Riding For Audrey 2004
Heather Danyelle Teague, DOB April 25, 1972
was last seen on Saturday, August 26, 1995 at Newburgh Beach in Spottsville, KY.  Heather was seen by a witness being dragged against her will from her lounge chair from the beach at gunpoint. 

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Heather, please immediately contact her mom, Sarah Teague at 
(270) 824-8343.   You can remain anonymous, if desired.
Watch a beautiful Video tribute to Heather.
(8 minutes, 10.1 MB)
"Voice 4 the Missing" Blog
Canarsie Courier Article - 9/15/2005
By Neil S. Friedman
(Adobe Acrobat format with links)

Child Seek Network Newsletter - Oct. 1, 2005
(Adobe Acrobat format)
Child Seek Network Newsletter
(Oct. 1, 2005)  (Adobe Acrobat format)
(Scroll down to story)
Maura Murray, DOB May 4, 1982, disappeared on Monday, February 9, 2004 at approximately 7:30 PM following a minor 1-car accident on Route 112 near Woodsville, NH.  A witness stopped and spoke with Maura then called police from their nearby home. When police arrived 10 minutes later Maura was missing.  Since February 9th, Maura's bank account, credit cards and cell phone have had no activity. Maura is a 22 year old Hanson, MA native, a UMASS Amherst nursing student and a former USMA West Point Cadet. 

There a $40,000 REWARD for information leading to Maura's safe return.

If you have seen Maura or if you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact:
New Hampshire State Police Major Crimes Unit 
Lt. Russ Conte at: 1-603-271-2663

Read Part 1 of a 5 part Blog (On-line Article) by Kelly Jolkowski of ProjectJason (A Must Read) 
William (Billy) P. Smolinski, Jr., DOB Jan. 14, 1973, was last seen on August 24th, 2004 by his neighbor on Holly Street in Waterbury, CT. around 3:30 or 3:45 PM. He reportedly went to his neighbor's house and told the neighbor he needed them to care for the dog because he would be gone for three days & then asked them to feed the dog who was locked inside the home. The neighbor said Billy never returned with the keys to his house so they could feed the dog & he has not been heard from since. The police have been treating this as an open working case in which Billy is listed as an "Endangered Missing Person". Smolinski's family says there are just a lot of things that don't add up, like the fact that he left his keys and his wallet in his truck. 

Contact Information:
New Haven FBI
Phone: (203) 777-6311
The MW Show - 11/29/2004
(12 min., 43 sec. long - 9.2MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Brianna Maitland, DOB Oct. 8, 1986, vanished Friday, March 19, 2004, after leaving the Black Lantern Inn restaurant in Montgomery, Vermont.  Brianna has a small nose ring in her left nostril and a fine scar down her forehead that extends into the left eyebrow.

NOTE:  The Maitland family has increased reward monies for Brianna Maitland’s return as follows:

$10,000 cash for information that discloses the exact location of Brianna. When Brianna is located, the reward will immediately be paid out. No further information need be given.

Additional $10,000 cash for information that 
leads to the safe return of Brianna, or the arrest 
of persons responsible for her disappearance. 

Download Latest Reward Flyer Here.

If you have any information, please contact:
Family at (802) 933-6255 and/or Vermont State Police at (802) 524-5993 and/or CRIME STOPPER at (800) 427-8477.
Message Board/Forum
The MW Show -4/19/2005
(7 min., 11 sec. long -11.9MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Sarah E. Kinslow DOB June 14,.1986, vanished on May 1, 2001, from Greenville, Texas.
At the time of her disappearance, Sarah was 14 years old.  Her date of birth is June 14, 1986.

Sarah is a white female, 5'4", and 105 pounds.  She has wavy blonde hair and blue eyes.

She has two (2) front teeth that overlap, two (2) chicken pox scars on her left cheek, and a mole on the right side of her neck.

She could possibly have an outline of the letter "I" tattooed on the inside of her ankle.  She tends to have acne, and she has six (6) piercings ~ four (4) in her left ear ( 2 lobe and 2 cartilage) and two (2) in her right lobe.

She was wearing baggy blue jeans, blue & gray athletic shoes, teal pullover jacket with hood.

She had on a Minnie Mouse watch with a pink face and black band and a silver necklace with the word "ROCK" on a pendent.

If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact the Greenville Police Dept. ,    Victor Petrea at (903) 457-2909.

NCIC #    M-571555982

On-line Journal Link.
The MW Show - 4/19/2005
(8 min, 53 sec. - 6.3MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Leah Roberts, at age 23 left her home town of Durham, NC on March 9, 2000. She did not advise anyone of her destination.  She left in a white 1993 Jeep Cherokee, North Carolina Lic# JVP-2881.  The vehicle was found wrecked and abandoned on a logging road in Whatcom County in Washington state on Saturday, March 18, 2000.  Receipts in the vehicle show gasoline was purchased in Brooks, Oregon in the early morning hours of Monday, March 13, 2000.  A ticket was purchased from the theater at Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham on March 13, 2000 at 2:10 PM for the movie, American Beauty.  Cat food was found in the car which leads investigators to suspect that she may have taken her small kitten with her from North Carolina.  No other information is known at this time. 

If you have information concerning the whereabouts of  Leah since she left North Carolina on March 9, 2000, please contact the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office at 360-676-6650 or contact the Whatcom Dispatch Center at 360-676-6711. 


The MW Show - 4/19/2005
( 5 min, 14 sec. - 8.8MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
The MW Show-4/19/2005
(6 min., 14 sec. long -10.4MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Videos of the 1000 Lights of Hope ceremony held on May 20, 2005 are available upon request.
Riding For Audrey - Aug. 13, 2005 - Videos
Interview with Audrey's Dad, Ray Turk
(Approx. 2.5 Minutes, 1.4MB)

Fox23 News Report
(Approx. 2 Minutes, 1.6MB)

Interview with Audrey's friend, Marie Parker
(Approx. 2.5 Minutes, 1.8MB)
Audrey Herron on "Missing" Show - 1/14/06
(Watch Video - approx 35 sec, 988 KB)
Rachel Cooke, DOB May 10, 1982, an accomplished cross-country runner, left her home in the Northlake development on FM 3405 northwest of Georgetown, Texas (north of Austin) on the morning of Thursday, January 10, 2002, to go on her usual 3-4 mile morning jog around the neighborhood. Sometime around 11 AM, near the end of her run and possibly within 200 yards of home, she disappeared.

Distinguishing Marks: Rachel Cooke has pierced ears and a pierced navel. Both ears have multiple piercings, one ear having an upper piercing. She has tattoos of two heart shaped cherries on her left shoulder and a black star on her left foot.
Clothing Description: Green sports top, grey shorts, Asics shoes, and carrying a yellow Walkman 

   50, 000 REWARD POSTER

Please contact the Williamson County Sheriff's Office 512-943-1300, Crime Stoppers 1-800-253-STOP, or e-mail us with any information to help find Rachel. 
Kristen on "Missing" Show - 1/14/06
(Watch Video - approx 2.5 min, 1.8 MB)
Nancy Grace - CNN HeadLine News - 1/27/06 
(Approx. 6.5 min. - 4.8 MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Ruth Sharon Hoffman (Hall) - DOB Oct. 5, 1941.  vanished on June 30, 1986 from River Rouge, Michigan.   Ruth had gone on a job interview at the POORHOUSE SALOON, in River Rouge.  Her interview was for 9 pm.  When she didn't return by 11 pm, her daughter called the POORHOUSE SALOON to see if she had left yet.  She was told Ruth had left already.  Ruth did not come home that night and her daughter was very worried about her.  The next morning, June 30, a yellow taxi cab pulled up with Ruth in the back seat.  Her daughter could tell immediately that something was not right.  She looked like she had been in an auto accident, and as she stepped out of the taxi, she was wearing hospital scrubs.   Her daughter helped her into the house and drew her a bath, and tried to get her to tell her what happened.  

Ruth showed up at the interview at 9 pm. The bar owner told her he had to drop one of his out-of-town buddies off at a local motel, and that she should ride along while he stopped to get the job application.   These two men got her inside the motel room and proceeded to rape her.  

After her bath, Ruth got dressed and said she needed some fresh air, and was going for a walk.  She said " Those Bastards will not get away with this!!"

That was June 30th, 1986, and that was the last time Ruth was seen.

If you have any information at all as to Ruth's whereabouts, please  contact:

Sgt. Larry Crider
Wayne Co. Sherrif's Dept.
1231 St. Antoine
Detroit, MI  48226

Phone Number: (313) 213-5141
Watch Video Slideshow of Ruth - (2.5 min, 3.1 MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Ashley Martinez - DOB Jan. 24, 1989 was last seen at Krug Pool with her younger brother in St. Joseph, Missouri on July 6, 2004.  Investigators learned that Ashley had mentioned to friends that she was going to run away.  She had also been seeing a man, named Christopher Hart. Hart, a 32-year-old convicted felon, lived near Ashley's home and had been promising her he would take her to California one day.  She may have traveled out of the state with Hart in a gray 1995 Pontiac Bonneville with Missouri license plates 377MPY.  

Ashley was last seen wearing blue-jean shorts, a black top with red cherries, and white Reebok tennis shoes.  

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Ashley Martinez, please contact the St. Joseph Police Department at:


News Coverage of Ashley (7/7/05)
William Michael "Mike" Hogan - Updated 11/19/09.  

It is with sadness we inform you that Michael's remains were located Sunday and identified the next Monday.  His family has been notified and wish to say thanks to all who might have helped in their journey of the search for their son.  Please keep them in prayers.

Billy on Show (Updated)
Jan. 2007  (4 min, 20 sec - 5.8 MB)
Jason on Show - 3/4/06
(3 min, 42 sec - 4.8 MB)
Ruth on Show - 4/8/06
(1 min, 11 sec -  1.7 MB)
Jason on Show - 3/4/06
(3 min, 42 sec - 4.8 MB)
Ashley on USAMissing Show - Mar. 4, 2006
(1 minute, 47 sec. - 2.3 MB)
Audio Message to Billy from his Parents Bill and Jan
Audio Message to Billy from his Uncle Bruce and Aunt Grace
Audio Message to Billy from his Uncle Mark and Aunt Linda
Mike without Beard
Video Footage of Billy (includes Missing Show & new photos)
(Approx. 5 minutes, 6.6 MB)
The Early Show (Video) - July 17, 2006
(Approx. 4 minutes - 6.6 MB)
The Early Show Video - Aug. 7. 2006
(4.8 MB, 2 min. 53 sec.)
The Villages Sun Daily - Aug. 6, 2006 
(Adobe Acrobat format)
Allison Jackson-Foy  It is with extreme sadness that I have to inform you that Allison has been identified from remains found in April 2008.  Please pray for Allison's sister, Lisa, their father and the rest of her family.

To report any information on Allison's case please call:
Wilmington Police Dept.
CUE Center for Missing Persons 
(910) 343-1131 or (910) 232-1687 (tip line)

Billy on The Early Show - 11/20/06
(6 min, 16 sec - 8.9MB)
Audrey Nerenberg on USA Missing Show
(Approx. 1 minute long - 1.7MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Arkadiy Tashman DOB 10/12/87, is still missing and we need your help.  On Tuesday, January 25th, 2005, seventeen-year-old "Ark", as he likes to be called, left his Mariner's Harbor home in Staten Island, NY to visit a friend who lived nearby. He was last seen sometime around 2:45 AM the next morning when he left for home.. 

He also enjoyed skateboarding and hanging out with his friends. Ark is a strapping youth who stood over six feet tall, and attended Port Richmond High School.

His older sister has created a web site page about Arkadiy, please visit:

Arkadiy Tashman was last seen wearing a green baseball cap, gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. He is 6' 2", 170 lbs with light grey eyes.  He has flowing ash-blond hair and a pierced right ear. He speaks fluent Russian and English. He is an avid skateboarder and might be located in popular places frequented by young skateboarders, in the Manhattan or Brooklyn areas of New York. 

Anyone with information on this case should immediately call the New York Police Department's Missing Persons Squad
(212-473-2042) or (800-346-3543).

Or call 1-800-577-TIPS.

Arkadiy Tashman on USA Missing Show - 1/20/2007
(Approx. 1.5 minutes - 1.2MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Arkadiy Tashman in NY1 News Feb. 5, 2005
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
Arkadiy Tashman on NY1 News - 12/2005
(Approx. 2.25 minutes - 3.8MB)
(Windows Media Player format)
Robert Anthony Spellman, DOB 10/2/1977, vanished on Wednesday, April 13, 2005, from Woodland Hills, CA.  Robert was last seen in front of 5200 block of Alhama Street.

Please call any tips into the following Tip Line at
1-877-821-4631 or by e-mail to:
Click here to download a Missing Poster of Robert.
Robert Spellman on "Missing" Show (Video)
(Approx. 2 minutes, 2.6MB)
Brian Sullivan, DOB Dec. 5, 1987. Brian, 19, was last seen on Sunday, July 8, 2007 at the Burger King on Chili Ave in Gates, NY (Near Rochester, NY) at 5:48 AM wearing blue jean shorts, a blue pinstriped button down long sleeve shirt, blur jean shorts, flip flops and a green baseball cap. His vehicle, a 1995 red Pontiac Sunfire with New York registration DXU 3048, was found nearby at the end of Lettington Street.

Brian may be going by the nickname Sully.

Brian loves music and taking long walks.  His family is extremely worried about him so if you have seen him, please call one of the numbers listed below or call toll free 800-843-5678.

Please contact the Monroe County NY Sheriff's Department at  1-585-753-4900 or 
585-753-4177 if you have information 
or e-mail the information to: 

or call The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-The Lost
Click here to download a flyer of Brian.
Click here to watch a YouTube Video Brian's Parents put together.
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Jennifer Kesse - When it was discovered on Jan. 24, 2006, that Jennifer, then 24, did not show up for work in Orlando, FL, her family and boyfriend were immediately concerned. Jennifer's family now have strong suspicions that Jennifer may have been abducted and want her home.

Please go to Jennifer's web site, and take a close look at the photo of a person of interest in Jennifer's disappearance.
Also study the News Conference Video on Jennifer's Web Site of this person of interest and listen to Jennifer's dad describe it's importance.  Please make the call if you know anything.

Please call tips into any of the following numbers;

Family Tip Line: 407-722-2162
Orlando Police: 321-235-5300
Crimeline: 800-423-TIPS

Or simply Mail In Your Tips!
Jennifer Kesse Tips
5389 S. Kirkman Rd.
Box 103-125
Orlando, FL 32819
The Family of Brian Sullivan has offered a $1000.00 Reward in the recovery of Brian.

Jerry Tang, DOB Jan. 17, 1966, left his home on Nov. 29, 2005 and has not been seen since.  Jerry was taking medication for seizures and may be disoriented or have amnesia. 

Jerry was possibly wearing a short or long sleeve T-shirt, blue jeans, brown "New Balance" weathered
 lace up style shoes, navy blue nylon jacket, brown "Gap" belt.

Jerry had a on white gold wedding band with a braid in center and an engraving of "Always JT+ JM 6-29-91" inside band with scotch tape wrapped around ring worn on left ring finger.

The circumstances of Jerry’s disappearance are unknown.  Jerry was last seen at approximately 8:00AM at his residence in the vicinity of the 700 block of Ashbury St. in San Francisco, CA. 
A family member last spoke to him at 10:00AM via phone. It is possible that Jerry could be seen in the Boston, MA area. 

If you have information concerning the whereabouts of  Jerry, please contact the San Francisco Police (24/7) at 415-553-1071 or the SF Missing Persons Unit (9-5 weekdays) at 415-558-5508.   
(Case # 051347730)


National Center for Missing Adults Flyer
SF Weekly article, Feb. 8, 2006 (PDF format)
Kimberly Day Jacobs DOB 06/30/1961, 
missing since 8/21/2008 from Waikiki, Hawaii..  Kimberly was 47 at the time of her disappearance.  
Kimberly disappeared from in front of her condo on Kalakaua Ave, near Diamond Head around 8PM . She left on her own, but was emotionally distraught.

Medical Conditions: Post Polio.  Kimberly has a limp from childhood polio, and one foot is bent inwards.

She was wearing a black shift dress.

Please any tips into the Honolulu Police
at (808) 529-3115
Investigative Case #: 8316629
For more information click the following links:

Flyer for Kimberly Jacobs

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 808-955-8300 
or *CRIME on a cell phone.
Jennifer's story was aired July 18, 2009 in the My Story segment of America's Most Wanted.  Click here to read the full story and watch the video.
Kim-Marie O'Connell - In the late afternoon hours of July 5, 2009, Kim-Marie, then 42, vanished.  Kim-Marie was last seen walking on New York Avenue toward U.S. 19 in Hudson, Florida located in Pasco County.  She was wearing blue jeans with a pink shirt.  Kim-Marie is described as 5' 6" tall, 120 lbs with straight shoulder length auburn hair and hazel eyes.

The Pasco Sheriff's deputies still need the public's assistance so if you have any information,
Please call your TIPS into Detective Pete Federico at 727-847-5878 Ext. 7815.

Kim-Marie's family and friends are very concerned about her safety.
Clinton Devon Nelson - DOB 8/9/1985 has been missing since Friday, September 1, 2006 from Princeton, LA .Clinton, age 21, was last seen, at approximately 8:30PM, leaving a friend's house in the vicinity of Ward Lane and Hwy 80 in Princeton, LA. He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, black knit cap, and white tennis shoes.  A reward totaling $25,000 is being offered for information leading to Clinton's whereabouts and the information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person (s) responsible for his disappearance.

If you have information regarding Clinton Devon Nelson, please call 1-877-270-9500 or 1-866-479-5284.
America's Most Wanted
Aaron Watkins - DOB 8/23/89.  Aaron, age 18,  was last seen on November 11, 2007 at 4:20PM in Elizabeth, NJ. He was last seen wearing a green baseball cap, black hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. Aaron does have a pierced tongue, pierced ears, and a mole under his right eye. 

Any further information, please contact Plainfield Police Department at 908-753-3021 or NJSP Missing Persons Unit at 800-709-7090.  

NCIC Number: M586976644